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Hallway Runners

Protect your wooden flooring or carpet with a practical and stylish hallway runners from us. We stock a wide range of area rugs and runners in various styles, designs, and colours. Our runners do not cover the full floor, unlike our popular rugs, but they do take up enough area to protect and endure the footfall of people coming through your landing or corridor daily. In fact, these large rectangular rugs are great for any room in the house where the carpet or flooring beneath would be subjected to wear and strain. Whether you like Black, Blue, Cream, Brown, multi-color, grey or Red, we have different runners available. 

Our bright coloured runners may pique people’s interest who prefer a more adventurous approach to home décor. Understated, discreet designs, such as our light grey runner rugs, may appeal to people who want to keep things simple. In either case, they offer a terrific first impression when guests enter your house. So, if you want the exclusive and sophisticated hallway runner in Australia, explore our variety and shop online today!